Grexit in Europe versus US growth in North America


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June 26, 2015


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An upbeat New Homes sales report for the United States showed further strength of the US economy. Sales of newly built homes rose in May to 546,000 from 534,000 in April. It is the highest level since February 2008 and a solid indicator of a strengthening US housing market. Although this number is still far from the July 2005 peak of 1.4 million (annualized), but the increase in demand shows that builders will ramp up construction this year which would likely strengthen the broader economy.. Americans also boosted their consumer spending at the fastest rate in almost six years. This increase came amid lowest jobless claims in 15 years. All these indicators will help the Federal Reserve decide when to raise the interest rates. These indicators also clearly show that the US economy is set to grow at a decent pace after a dismal performance in the first quarter, which many analysts believe was due to the harsh winter and the strike at the western ports. Although the positive indicators were supposed to help equity markets, the uncertainty of a Greek debt default still kept the investors anxious. After the meeting of the Eurozone’s finance ministers on Saturday, the ministers rejected a Greek request for a one month extension to its bailout. Subsequent to receiving continuous bailouts for the last five years from the European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Greece is finally set to default on its payment of EUR 1.5 Billion to the IMF on Tuesday. The decision not to extend Greece’s bailout came after Athens rejected the policy overhauls and budget cuts demanded by its creditors. At this time, when the US is preparing for an interest rate increase after almost 9 years, the Greek debt default could severely impact the growth prospects of the Eurozone and also plunge other countries like Portugal, Cyprus and other fragile European countries into a recession. The default may also spread fear among North American investors, which could hurt North American equity markets.

Source- Bloomberg, Globe Investor Gold, Financial Post, Market Watch, Trading Economics


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