The US Economy Slowing Down?

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October 02, 2015

Weekly Statistics:

Today Week Ago Year Ago
02-Oct-15 25-Sep-15 02-Oct-14
S&P TSX 13,340 13,380 15,026
S&P 500 1,951 1,931 1,965
DJIA 16,472 16,315 16,945
OIL $45.63 $45.58  $89.37
USD vs CAD 0.7507 0.7507 0.9051
Gold $1,137 $1,146  $1,226

With only two weeks left for the October FOMC meeting, it certainly doesn’t look like a rate hike is on the Fed’s agenda. The disappointing unemployment report for the US economy justifies the Fed’s decision to not to raise the interest rates during their last meeting. In September, the US economy added a seasonally adjusted 142,00 jobs compared with analysts’ expectation for a gain of 200,000 jobs. This is the second month of disappointing unemployment numbers, after the US economy added only 136,000 jobs in august compared with analysts’ expectation of 173,000. A significant correction in oil prices during last one year has led to mounting losses/ bankruptcies for many energy companies and they have cut 120,000 positions since December 2014. The longer the oil prices stay low, the deeper the losses for energy companies, and therefore more layoffs. These layoffs could be one of the reason for disappointing unemployment numbers since last two months. After deciding to keep interest rates steady during the last meeting in September, the Federal reserve chairperson, Janet Yellen, commented that most members on Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) still expect a rate increase in 2015, but I believe that a rate hike in the first quarter of 2016 would be more prosperous for the US economy. The poor unemployment numbers in the last two months could also mean the economy did not grow at a decent pace in the third quarter. At a time when global economies were slowing down, the US economy grew at 3.9 percent in the second quarter and a dismal performance in the third quarter   would cast serious doubts over the strength of the economy.

Source- Bloomberg, Globe Investor Gold, Financial Post, Market Watch, Trading EconomicsUS Jobless Sep 2015


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